Verde’s Mexican Parilla

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9 May 2013

(map) Verde’s is a big, open place that seems like it was designed for good times. As in, fun for kids and fun for grownups. There’s a huge covered patio that’s half-bar, half dining room. It overlooks a ginormous outdoor play area. So while the kids go nuts run around playing, Mom and Dad can relax nearby with a cold beverage or two.

The dining room is one-half of the patio. There’s a dining room inside as well.

The other half of the patio is the bar area, with a lot of places to relax while you keep an eye on the kids. Or not.

There’s amphitheater-style seating around the yard so you can also relax out there.

Perfect for the indecisive: Verde’s Appetizer Sampler comes with a little bit of everything. Queso with roasted poblano peppers, mini fried-fish tacos with avocado, jalapenos stuffed with chorizo and goat cheese, grilled-beef nachos with refries, and chicken-and-monterey-jack quesadillas (you can also get those made with cactus!).

The only problem with Verde’s carne guisada is it’s hard to photograph! This carne guisada con papas, or stewed beef with potatoes, had an incredibly savory flavor.

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