Thirsty Planet Birthday Party

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12 Jun 2012

(map) Last Sunday, Thirsty Planet Brewing celebrated their  second birthday, and what a party it was! Ten to twelve new brews to try (basil-watermelon wheat, anyone?), live music by the Whiskey Shivers, and eats from none other than Franklin Barbecue. The limited number of tickets meant a mellow, nice-sized crowd.

Some of the small-batch, experimental new brews to taste. Not listed on the menu was Franklin Porter, made with malt smoked at the now-famous barbecue joint. Below, Aaron Franklin himself surveys the calm before the serving storm.

The line forms for food as the guys set up their assembly station. Sandwiches are quickly loaded with America’s best brisket, then sausage, coleslaw and pickles. Beans are available on the side.

The goodness! Below, Whiskey Shivers keeps the crowd entertained.

The tasting room is a cool oasis from the warm weather outside. There are more beers to try in here. Also, if you missed the party, the tasting room is open every Saturday (more on tours here). Below, cool coffee guy Nate was on hand from Austin’s own Kohana Coffee to sample the new line of flavored, cold-brew  coffees. Thirsty Planet brews a dubbel ale using Kohana in their new, complex Jittery Monk. Stay Thirsty!

Thirsty Planet Brewing Company website

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