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  (map) What better way to celebrate Texas Independence than all month long? And with $1 Lone Star beer? Starting March 1st, Rudy’s Bar-B-Q does just that. Cheers! Rudy’s Bar-B-Q website

Today we celebrate the final battle of the Texas Revolution, a fight that lasted all of 18 minutes. Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna’s army to win Texas independence from Mexico. According to legend, Santa Anna missed the actual battle because he was “entertaining” a young Emily Morgan in his tent. I say we salute that […]

Long before Rick Perry, Texas lawmakers dreamed of freedom from pesky, far-off rulers meddling in Texas’ bidness. 174 years ago, they did something about it, officially declaring independence from Mexico. Celebrate Texas Independence Day today with some local-brewed hooch: Dripping Springs Texas Vodka, made with mineral-rich, artesian spring water from the Edwards Plateau. Shake up […]


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