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Pho Ga at Blue Bamboo

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28 Feb 2012

In Vietnam, pho is commonly eaten for breakfast, but it’s delicious anytime. They serve nine kinds of pho here – five are beef – and the Pho Ga version is chicken. The broth for pho is prepared by boiling chicken or beef bones with spices, usually ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Here, they pour the rich, […]

UPDATE: closed (map) Here’s a delicious way to beat this record heat. It’s called chilled avocado, but it’s more cool than cold. It’s super-smooth soup with a light, airy, almost whipped texture. We tasted fresh avocado, a hint of cilantro, cream, and a little serrano pepper to make it the tiniest bit spicy. The Mamas don’t […]

(UPDATE: closed) They serve a special soup every day here, and on Mondays, it’s usually roasted poblano with white cheddar and tomatillos. So good! The cheddar makes it rich and creamy, the tomatillos add tangy-ness, and poblano peppers spice things up just a bit. A tasty reason to look forward to Mondays! Two Hot Mamas […]


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