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King Cake at Stuffed

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28 Jan 2016

It’s a tradition leading up to Mardi Gras (Tuesday, February 9): throw a King Cake party where everyone eats, drinks and makes merry. Whoever gets the piece of cake with the baby hidden inside buys the next cake. The authentic Cajuns at Stuffed Cajun Meat Market are baking fluffy and delicious king cakes complete with […]

(map) The former Noble Pig chefs are now hamming it up in their new location, which boasts a bigger dining room. The paucity of parking at their old place gives way to a plethora of spots here. What hasn’t changed is their amazing cooking: dishes with a laser-like focus on house-made and

(map) You may already know that these guys can rock a duck pastrami. But did you also know they’re geniuses at breakfast? Every day till noon, you can wake up with eye-opening fare like the spicy

(map) At last! Unlike National Caffeine Awareness Month or Escargot Day, here’s a celebration we can all get behind. The Noble Pig steps up to the plate with a decadent offering of pimiento blended with Tillamook Sharp Cheddar, crispy bacon, smoked green onion and pickles, all made in-house. As part of the festivities, Tillamook is sending […]

(map) Those crazy Cajuns at Stuffed Cajun Meat Market are at it again! First new item of the year, their “most-requested dish:” crawfish boudin. Full of spices and rice like their regular boudin, but rich and meaty with crawdad tails and, best of all, creamy with crawdad fat. Mmmm! Ready to eat from the steamer, […]

Fresh Christmas Trees

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1 Dec 2011

(map) Any ideas why this sign says “To Go?” As in, unlike all those other Christmas tree places where you bring your lights and ornaments and celebrate right there on the premises? Hmm. Anyway, out West there are lots of tree lots. But what’s good about this one is: 

The Noble Pig

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14 Sep 2011

(map) Happy Birthday, Noble Pig! It’s been one year since chefs Brandon and John set off on their noble adventure (read our review of the place here). A year of creative, gourmet sandwiches like this combo of smoked-duck pastrami and crisp rye pickles, both made in-house, as is the fresh-baked bread. To celebrate, they’re treating […]

New Chef at Vivo

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17 Aug 2011

UPDATE: closed (map) Vivo Lake Creek has always had an appealing menu, and now, with the addition of award-winning chef Paul Petersen, it’s even better. The chef says he isn’t changing any menu favorites, just “bringing in some barbecue and French influences.” Above, the new brisket tacos, featuring beef smoked in-house for

Lunch at VIVO

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27 Jun 2011

UPDATE: closed (map) This sultry, “better than sex…Tex-Mex!” spot just started serving lunch. On the menu are most of the old faves, and some new, lighter additions as well: Shrimp Enchiladas, Shrimp Quesadillas, and this amazing grilled-shrimp salad,

(map) Freda’s Seafood Grille throws a happy hour every day from 4 to 7, except for Saturdays and Sundays, when it goes on all day. That makes for a pretty happy hour indeed, with special prices on 11 seafood appetizers, as well as


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