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Free Ice Cream

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17 Nov 2014

(map) Here’s the scoop: Local favorite Amy’s Ice Creams has been serving the best frozen treats for 30 years. Tomorrow, to celebrate that landmark anniversary, they’ll be giving out free ice cream from 3 to 7 pm at all Amy’s locations. You’re welcome! Amy’s Ice Creams website

Cow Tipping Creamery

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5 Jul 2012

UPDATE: moved to west campus (map) Homemade ice cream, in luscious flavors like Tahitian vanilla and Mexican hot chocolate. Homemade waffle cones and fresh cookies for ice-cream sandwiches. These guys even make their own sauces, like hot fudge and Dr Pepper cherry, and whip the cream themselves. And they’ve got a bacon sundae. Below, the Makin’ […]

(map) This is like a frosty, drinkable version of that campers’ favorite, s’mores. It’s a delicious blend of vanilla ice cream, graham crackers, chocolate syrup and actual roasted marshmallows. Painstakingly hand-crafted by dedicated dudes like this guy, who says that roasting the marshmallows is starting to get “really old.” All Star Burger website

  (map) Amy’s Galleria location has a fresh batch of this frosty treat. It’s made with dark Imperial Stout from local craft brewery Jester King. The toasted barley gives it a rich, coffee-ish flavor. And then there’s that whole 8% alcohol thing. Cheers! Amy’s Ice Creams website


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