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(map)┬áThe former Noble Pig chefs are now hamming it up in their new location, which boasts a bigger dining room. The paucity of parking at their old place gives way to a plethora of spots here. What hasn’t changed is their amazing cooking: dishes with a laser-like focus on house-made and

The Noble Pig

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14 Sep 2011

(map) Happy Birthday, Noble Pig! It’s been one year since chefs Brandon and John set off on their noble adventure (read our review of the place here). A year of creative, gourmet sandwiches like this combo of smoked-duck pastrami and crisp rye pickles, both made in-house, as is the fresh-baked bread. To celebrate, they’re treating […]

Noble Pig Sandwiches

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20 Sep 2010

Gourmet sandwiches on grilled, fresh-baked bread? Unique flavor combinations like smoked-duck pastrami and crisp rye pickles, both made in-house? Are we in downtown Austin? Far from it: North 620 is the spot two young chefs have chosen to bring their fine-dining


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