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(map) In just a few years, the little town of Blanco has become the “Lavender Capital of Texas,” with several farms in the area now growing the fragrant herb. Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the annual festival celebrating all things lavender, and does it smell great! Three sides of the Old Blanco County Courthouse […]

(map) We have gotten a lot of questions about this place, so we’re re-running the story. Garden-Ville sells all kinds of organic soils, compost and mulch, but the most striking is this Glass Rock. Folks find all kinds of creative ways to use this sparkly stuff at home, such as pathways, a zen garden,

(map) This place is on five acres, and every inch is filled with something interesting. It is an absolute mecca for anyone looking for water features. Who knew there were so many types of ponds? Bridge ponds. Shade ponds. Disappearing-stream ponds. Bogs! If you’re in the market for a bog,

Sunshine Nursery

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7 Mar 2012

(map) This isn’t your typical chain-store nursery, with plants marching along in rigid rows. This place is like visiting a park where you get to pick the flowers. Huge, ancient live oaks provide plenty of shade while you meander along the stone-lined paths. Here and there are fountains and garden benches, fairies and gnomes. The […]

Free Native Plants

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2 Dec 2010

This Saturday (and next) is your chance to score cool native plants just for the cost of digging them up. The city is clearing ground for the new water treatment plant on Highway 620 just south of 2222. You’re invited to come harvest Texas mountain laurel (above), clematis, verbenas, Spanish oak, yucca and native grasses. […]

Look Ma, no wires!

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18 Apr 2010

I love how simple these lights are. Each one takes all of 20 seconds to set up, clip together and stick in the ground. Because they’re powered by the sun, there are no wires to tangle with. That means you can just plant them anywhere you like. The light lasts all night long,

This time of year, industrious gardeners are busy toiling away, tilling their soil with amendments like compost and fertilizer tea. Lazy gardeners, on the other hand, stop by Marshall Ford and pick up a mess of earthworms. The box says you get 12 and while I didn’t do an actual head count (so to speak),


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