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(map) They’ve been working on this for months, and it is finally perfect. As you can see, this isn’t a thin, cracker-type crust. It’s about one-third as thick as the regular crust, which lets you taste more of the toppings and less bread. Speaking of which, the new, thinner crust only supports two toppings (that […]

The New Flores

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29 Mar 2012

(map) Local fave Flores Mexican Restaurant has moved out of a strip center to a new, freestanding, large and colorful location. Judging by the crowds, the new place is a hit! There’s more emphasis on the bar here, with big-screen TVs, specialty drinks and lots of beers on tap. You

  UPDATE: closed (map) Yay! Food trucks continue to pop up out West. Even better, this one specializes in that ultimate comfort food, mac & cheese. You can order from a variety of toppings; crispy bacon is mixed into the one above. Each creamy batch is made to order, with four different cheeses including gruyere for […]

(map) It’s an unspoken rule of restaurant-going that any place with “boat” in its name must be good. The Boat House has live music every Friday and Saturday from 6-9, which is early enough to actually enjoy it. While Mouse and The Sevilles rocked the place,

Good News, Bad News

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3 Feb 2010

So the bad news is that I got a flat tire. On the road. In the rain. But before David Allen Coe could write a song about me, Scott at Lamb’s Tire came to the rescue. Lamb’s is by the Four Points, kind of hidden back in the trees. They have a 10% discount for […]


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