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(map) Hey Cupcake! launches their newest cupcake for the fall season. The Pumpkinator is a moist pumpkin-spice cake topped with cream-cheese frosting. It’s a frightfully yummy way to welcome the approach of Halloween! Hey Cupcake! website

(map) The newest flavor at Hey Cupcake! brightens up the menu like a ray of sunshine. Moist, tart lemon cake topped with tasty lemon buttercream, the John Lemon makes a sweet treat to welcome spring. Hey Cupcake! website

(map) New for the summer, the Cherry SubLime features a tart, key-lime-flavored cake topped with cream-cheese frosting and a chewy, sour-cherry candy. In this heat, it makes a refreshing change of pace from the heavier chocolate or red velvet cakes (although those are good, too!). Hey Cupcake! website

(map) Part of a new summer lineup at Two Saints Baking Co., where they make this colorful creation using Sprite soda pop in the batter. A nice combo of tart, citrusy cake with sweet frosting. Who’s ready for their just desserts?  

This will perk up your Monday. Hey Cupcake! is rolling out their new Sweetberry cupcake. They puree fresh, ripe strawberries, then stir them into the batter. The cream-cheese frosting also has strawberries blended in. Soooo good! The rich, moist cake and the tangy-sweet frosting are a match made in cupcake heaven. Hey Cupcake! website

(UPDATE: closed) Until recently, Hey Cupcake! pretty much had the cupcake monopoly in these parts. But now the new, family-owned Lakeway Café is stepping up to the plate (ha) with some creative contenders of their own. Right away, you notice a difference: these cupcakes are baked in parchment-paper cylinders rather than the traditional shape. The […]


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