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9 Jul 2014

peel and eat shrimp at the new Sundancer Grill near Lakeway, texas

(map) Good news for everyone who misses Shades! Sundancer Grill just debuted in the former Shades location and promises to be open year-round. Billing themselves as “upscale dining with a casual lakeside atmosphere,” the new spot is delivering when it comes to food (if only they could bring back the lake). Above, the Peel & Eat Shrimp, a bountiful serving of spicy boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce. Other apps include wings, ceviche and nachos.

wedge salad at the new Sundancer Grill near Lakeway, Texas

A variety of salads are on the menu, including entree salads featuring steak, shrimp and salmon. Above, the wedge, Boston Bibb lettuce covered with creamy blue cheese and bacon.

This is actually a shot from Shades, but Sundancer hasn’t changed much of anything, other than server attire.

grilled-steak wrap special at the new Sundancer Grill near Lakeway, Texas

Entrees range from burgers and sandwiches to steak and fish tacos. The menu is evolving as they see what works. Above, the night’s special, grilled hanger steak wrapped with Caesar salad, tomatoes and guacamole. Hugely tasty! Check out the complete menu at the link below. Open for lunch and dinner and brunch starts this Sunday.

sign for the new Sundancer Grill near Lakeway, Texas

Sundancer Grill website


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