Summer Saturday Nights at William Chris Vineyards

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26 Jun 2012

(map) This Saturday kicked off the beginning of a season full of special events at this up-and-coming winery. For the launch party, famous – and infamous – bloggers, investors and wine club heavy-hitters were invited to a Watermelon Thump and Chef Throw-down competition. (Full disclosure: we aren’t just bloggers but also investors who believe in these guys.) Chefs from Kenichi, Quality Seafood, Paggi House and nearby Rose Hill Manor competed in two categories, the first featuring ripe Texas melons. Who won? We did!

First things first: a lot of little tasting in the winery, with Chris explaining how the dinner, vineyard tour, and wine pairing were going to work. (That’s Texas Wine Gal Denise Clarke catching all the action.) Then we tasted some amazing raw-milk Brazos Valley Cheeses, all made locally. That’s cheese-maker Marc cutting the cheese. Wonder how many times he’s heard that joke?

From there, it was on to the oak grove for a pairing of William Chris’ new summer rose, Current, with fresh melons from Go Texan. Down below, an arty Instagram shot of the new rose, which they like to call their “pink wine.”

Before dinner, a tour of the newly planted estate vineyards, as Bill and Chris explain their plans to become the next Ernest and Julio Gallo. From there, total world domination. This was just the first of the special dinners planned, and they’ll each have a different theme. The website will have more info. Enchante, y’all!

William Chris Vineyards website

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