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24 Jan 2011

UPDATE: closed. (map) This new sushi bar just opened inside Asian restaurant Non La. Chef Trey is an “independent contractor,” who hopes to eventually open his own place. When it comes to creativity, he really shines, making all his own sauces (more on the “Smurf sauce” later). He’s got all the sushi faves, plus a fun list of special rolls like the Non La roll, above. Fresh tuna and salmon are rolled with cream cheese and fresh chopped jalapenos, then deep-fried. That gets re-rolled in a soy wrapper, which Trey feels is more delicate than the usual chewy nori, or black seaweed wrap. It’s drizzled with his own Diablo and teriyaki sauces. A terrific combo of crispy-creamy and spicy-sweet!

All the sashimi we tried was so fresh, it glistened. This yellowtail was accented with a whole blueberry inside and bits of apple on top. Chef Trey feels the acids and sweetness in some fruits make a good match for the richness of the fish.

More sashimi, this time tuna and fresh salmon. Those are spicy dabs of Diablo sauce on the tuna, fresh lemon wedges on the salmon (you chew the tart lemon as you eat the fish). That’s the “Smurf sauce” in the back – actually a spiced-up Japanese mayo Trey concocted.

Awesome sushi dude Trey. He says Sukai is Japanese for “sky” and that’s also his nickname.

Trey tossed in a free salad in between courses. It’s topped with shredded krab and black sesame seeds. He makes his own salad dressing, combining ponzu, teriyaki and Diablo sauces.

A “rose” made of rich, buttery escolar and asparagus made a beautiful presentation. And of course, no sushi meal would be complete without Japanese beer!

Sukai Sushi menu page on Non La website

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Jo Lynn

January 24th, 2011 at 7:16 pm

I have eaten Chef Trey’s sushi when he first started, he is only getting better and better and building on his menu, it is AWESOME! I highly recommend it.



January 27th, 2011 at 1:32 pm

LOVE IT! Trey makes the best sushi I’ve tasted. Not only is the sushi wonderful, but it’s priced well and the portions are generous. Thank you Trey, for sharing something so great with our community!



February 5th, 2011 at 7:20 pm

I have eaten at Non La several times but I must say that the sushi wasn’t impressive. The California Rolls or anything with crab is made with pressed and processed crab sticks. I’ve seen him prepare the fish and eel for serving, and it is NOT FRESH. It is packaged and frozen. But all that would be fine if the sushi was extraordinary, but it’s not, at best it is average. But the one thing that I will commend the chef on is the work he puts into the display, and his sauces! The sushi is okay, but he has plenty of room for growth.

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