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2 Sep 2010

The cupcake competition continues out west, with this cute new place in Cedar Park. Creative baker Rosalinda offers two dozen flavors, with colorful names like the Oh Scarlett, above. It’s a luscious red-velvet cake with cream-cheese frosting. There’s a Honey Sunshine Bun cupcake, even doughnuts shaped like cupcakes. But for real taste-bud indulgence, nothing can match the Daddy Rich, below. It’s a devil’s food chocolate cupcake with a tart raspberry filling, iced with a decadent chocolate ganache. Yum!

The Strawberry Bliss, strawberry cake frosted with buttercream.

Devil's Food can be topped with your choice of frosting. In this case, peanut-butter frosting makes a Reese's-like treat.

Butterfinger uses real bits of the candy bar to add crunch to the buttery yellow cake.

24 Karat is a rich, moist carrot cake frosted with cream-cheese icing.

Real, sweet coconut milk goes into the Coconut Crush.

The Honey Sunshine Bun is like a cupcake-shaped honey bun, with a cinnamon-and-sugar glaze.

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