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26 Jul 2013

(map) The best kind of road trip is one that ends up at a winery. Now that the grapevines are beginning to bear fruit, it’s almost harvest time – the perfect time to visit some of the nearby local vineyards. Stone House is close by in Spicewood, right on the edge of Lake Travis. Below: despite the drought, a di-vine sight!

The winery is a contemporary design of limestone block and corrugated metal. There’s a tasting room inside where you can try over a dozen wines, ports, even champagne.

Then head outside to the patio, where you can enjoy a glass of whichever turns out to be your favorite taste. On Saturdays, there’s live music.

The patio overlooks the vineyard as well as Lake Travis, where the Pedernales River joins the lake.

Some of the wines are made from grapes grown here on the property and some are made in Australia. My favorite was called Angela’s Wish, made with 60% Barossa Cabernet and 40% Barossa Shiraz. It’s 100% delish.

Angela, the owner, is from the Barossa Valley in Australia. She grew up around wine.

This gate leads from the vineyard to the owners’ property. They don’t mind if you bring over a glass of wine and hang out with the peacocks.

The winery also sells wine-related souvenirs, gourmet foods and toiletries.

Stone House Vineyard website

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July 26th, 2013 at 11:00 am

This place looks great! We need to go there next time we are in town.

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