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15 Feb 2010

(UPDATE: closed) There are lots of reasons I like the Spicy Parrott. There’s live music almost every night and it’s early, from 6-8. So you can have a drink, eat dinner, dance with your BFF to honky-tonkers like Bo Porter, and still get home in time to catch “Idol.” For more pics of the Parrott, click here: It’s a friendly, neighborhood place serving down-home food with a slight twist, like the chipotle meatloaf sandwich.

We like the calamari steak fingers, chicken-fried strips of tender calamari steaks.

Of course, Bartender Cody recommends the Cody’s Classic Club with brussels sprouts, “that don’t taste like brussels sprouts.” He’s right. Cooked with bacon and tomato, they actually taste good.

Bud Light did not pay me or Cody for this product placement.

map to 2422 RR 620 S spicyparrott.com

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February 15th, 2010 at 5:49 pm

Loved the toe-tappin concert.

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