Spicewood Vineyards

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13 Jul 2013

(map) Spicewood Vineyards is a) nearby, b) easy to get to, and c) incredibly scenic, all of which make it a primo destination for wine-tasting. When you arrive, you’ll see acres of vineyards surrounding two “Texas Contemporary” buildings. One is the actual winery,

with a visitors area for special dinners and events.

The place makes a good setting for weddings and parties.

The other building is the big tasting room. It’s sunny, with high ceilings and skylights, and you can relax in cushy chairs or sit at the bar. $2 gets you tastes of six different wines, and then if you like one, you can buy a glass or bottle to enjoy out on the porch. They have cheese plates available, too. It’s a cool spot to kick back, relax and create your own little wine-and-cheese party.

$2 lets you try six wines. Some are made from grapes grown just outside; others are made with grapes from Washington State.

They say Boomer has a nose for good wine.

You can also try and buy local gourmet foods.

Spicewood Vineyards website

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