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19 Mar 2010

There are those of you who hanker after old-school Austin, when Willie ‘n Waylon played Poodie’s and things around Lake Travis were funky and cool. And there are those who like their places modern and contemporary, with marble showers and jetted tubs. Robin’s Nest aims to make you all happy.

Rooms on the top floor of the newest building have views of the lake.

Robin got started back in 1973, when she bought her first cabin. She added more over the years and today is up to five separate buildings, with 12 rooms available among them. It’s located on one of the nicest parts of the lake at Hurst Creek cove in a no-wake zone. So you can go swim by the dock or take out the paddle-boat and relax, knowing you’re not going to be mowed down by a cigarette boat.

The Waterfront Cottage has a view of the lake from upstairs and down.

The cove, seen from the Waterfront Cottage.

One of the rooms inside the Waterfront Cottage.

The friendly owner Robin expresses her personality through the eclectic decor. Seesaws, swings, hammocks and lots of cutesy funkadelia are all part of her vast collection of kitsch.

Of course someone named Robin would have a huge birdhouse collection.

The Rock Cottage was built in 1948. That's almost as old as Willie.

There are lots of benches to relax on, paths covered with wisteria, and birdhouses everywhere. For breakfast, you can join Robin on the porch, or she’ll bring you a full breakfast in your room. The place is pet-friendly, so you can even bring Mr. Woo with you. For nearby lakeside dining, the newest location of Shades Restaurant will be opening in late May just a couple of blocks from Robin’s place.

Ask Robin how many times she's heard, "Where's Batman?"

The view of Hurst Harbor from the Main House.

Rooms in the main house were just finished last year, and have huge swanky bathrooms.

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