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2 Feb 2011

(map) “We brew what we like, we drink what we want, we offer the rest to those who share our tastes.” Last Saturday, that was a lot of folks, as several thousand like-minded souls crowded in to celebrate Dripping Springs’ newest brewery. Several brews were on tap, including the brand-new Boxer’s Revenge Farmhouse Ale, below. The founders say their beers are made in the European style, meaning drier than American brews. This one is the result of “amazing experiments you think aren’t going to work” with wild yeasts.

The system worked like this: volunteers (slowly) drained the kegs into pitchers …

… some of which became overly foamy and needed to stand, which meant …

… pourers couldn’t pour quickly enough, leading to …

… increasingly long lines. It didn’t help matters that …

… everyone and their dog was there! They estimate the crowd was 3,500 to 5,000 at an event geared to 2,000. Still, it was a great time.

Fortunately, there was lots of entertainment to keep the crowd busy. Blind Boy Chocolate and The Milk Sheiks played a witty set.

This hirsute local club held a beauty contest and ran a kissing booth.

There were plenty of burgers and ‘cue and the food lines moved quickly.

One of the three founders, Ron, gave a brewery tour and answered lots of questions from us beer nerds. They’ve been brewing since October, and sell draft beer throughout Texas, to “places that think about beer the way we do.” That’s beer aging in those whiskey barrels behind him.

This is how Jester King makes sure their kegs will never get mixed up with someone else’s. They’ll be selling beer in bottles in another month or two. Below, some folks brought special beers for others to taste. These went fast!

Jester King Brewery website

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