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9 Jan 2013

(map) The Three-Cup Chicken is like the Chinese version of fajitas. It arrives at your table dramatically sizzling and steaming in a clay pot. Pao’s does a great job with the typical Chinese fare, but also offers some unusual dishes, too, like this one. Tender pieces of boneless chicken sizzle with shiitake mushrooms and fresh ginger, as the rich barbecue aroma hints at the delicious blend of sweet and heat to come.

Green-scallion pancakes are both crispy and chewy. Served with a red-pepper and rice-wine-vinegar soy sauce, they taste like a snack food you’d get at a county fair in China.

Lettuce wraps are a cool combination of chicken and toasted pine nuts.

Jumbo shrimp with hot ginger sauce is a more typical Chinese dish. Fresh ginger and garlic in Hunan hot sauce, over crisp fresh broccoli.

Pao’s is located in an ordinary strip center, but inside, its dining room is sleek, contemporary and decorated with Chinese art.

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January 16th, 2013 at 8:18 pm

The owners are from Taipei. We lived in Taipei for 15 years, and when we need a “real” Chinese meal, Pao’s is where we go. See if you can get their genuine Chinese menu!

Ed. Reply: We agree the “secret” Chinese menu is the way to go!

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