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29 Aug 2012

(map) Sure, they have creative side dishes like craisin-almond coleslaw and tater-tot casserole, as well as desserts like hot peach cobbler. But real BBQ fans know what it’s all about, and Opie’s definitely delivers on the smoky goodness from the minute you step out of the car. You eat your meal on waxed butcher paper, just like the old-school places. The rack of ribs (that’s a half-rack, above) is basted as it cooks with their “sweet & spicy” sauce for a tangy flavor with a slight kick. The smoky brisket is moist and tender, served sliced or chopped. The sausage is well-seasoned and delicious. The tater-tot casserole, literally mashed tots baked with lots of melted cheese, is serious fun. And the craisin-almond slaw, sweet and crunchy with chopped almonds, was tasty enough to be a dessert.

Opie’s bakes a variety of desserts themselves, including this Coca-Cola cake. It’s really moist and delicious, with nuts and coconut and cream-cheese icing. There are also hot cobblers, brownies and pies.

You choose your meats out of the pit, then go through the line for your sides and drinks. Don’t forget dessert! Just look at all the choices, below, all made right here.

Opie’s is a big open place with lots of tables and two TVs. It’s so popular, it’s almost always busy.

In the center is the fixin’s area, with pickles, onions, jalapenos, sauce, white bread and free bowls of pinto beans. Butterbeans on Fridays and Sundays!

Rib close-up. Commence drooling.

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September 20th, 2010 at 8:09 am

I just wanted to thank you for reviewing this place. We’re new to the area and had driven by Opie’s several times, thought, “Surprise surprise, it’s another bbq place.’ and kept on driving. But after your review we were intrigued. This is the best BBQ we have tried so far in Austin. They were so friendly inside and even recommended some things for us. We ended up with a half-rack of the baby-back ribs (fall off the bone sweet and spicy deliciousness), some brisket, some sausage, along with the craisin slaw, and spicy corn casserole and the beans. All of it was yummy and we will most definitely be back for more.

Thanks for the tip and thanks to Opie’s for doing it up right!

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