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26 Jul 2012

UPDATE: closed (map) If you were a fan of Mizu before, you will looooove it now. A recent bar fire gave them an opportunity to remodel, opening the place up and making it a little lighter and brighter. The same stellar view is in place, so that just leaves the question of how is the food? Ethereal is the short answer; get ready for the long. We were invited for a special re-opening dinner to check out the new menu; it delivers and then some. Above, sparkling tuna tartare alongside juicy-crisp watermelon and tart slices of tomatillo.

Slices of hamachi (yellowtail) topped with candied kumquat and spicy serrano slices on a ginger-pear puree. Salty, sweet, spicy and an exquisite success all at once. Below, a seasonal salad of greens, green apple, goat cheese and candied pecans hit all the high notes and then some.

This wedge salad was swimming with blue cheese dressing, pungent chunks of gorgonzola and most important, bacon, bacon bacon. The chefs seemed happy to be back in the game.

Aah, beef! Sliced steak, perfectly cooked, served with garlic mashed potatoes whipped into a creamy frenzy, alongside roasted veggies in (more!) bacon vinaigrette. Below, this wild king salmon filet was so mouth-wateringly tender and juicy, it hardly needed the beurre blanc – but we lapped it up just the same.

And finally, who knew? Who expected a classic sushi place like Mizu to excel at the sweets? Color us surprised with the chocolate chocolate cake (so nice they named it twice), so rich and decadent as to invite throwing all caution to the winds and devouring the entire thing. The neighboring pot de creme was a silky complement to the berries. All in all, glad you’re back, Mizu!

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July 26th, 2012 at 8:56 am

gorgeous photos. rl

Ed. Reply: Thanks!



July 26th, 2012 at 9:27 am

Great story and photos — I have shared with my BFF who lives out there. How are the prices at Mizu?

Ed. Reply: Thanks! It’s not cheap, but they do have some specials, like 1/2 price on Mondays: http://mizuaustin.com/menu/Mizu-specials.pdf



August 20th, 2012 at 11:15 am

I agree — the remodeling definitely improved the ambiance, and the food is as good as ever. King salmon was delish. And we love the view from the deck.

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