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16 Jan 2010

There are a few Mimi’s in Austin and we are lucky enough to have one out here. The place has a nice French vibe going inside. One room of the restaurant is decorated in a cozy Parisian bistro look, and the other is more New Orleans/French Quarter-ish. The French Quarter Burger features avocado, bacon, swiss and 1,000 Island on grilled sourdough. (I know! 1,000 Island on a burger, what a great idea.) We also tried the classic roast-beef dip, thinly sliced on a grilled baguette. There’s a huge menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have seasonal specials, too, like braised lamb shank with mashed potatoes. My wine-loving friend Soni likes their wine list.

For more Mimi’s pics:

French Quarter Burger

Roast Beef Dip

On Hwy 71 by the Hill Country Galleria mimiscafe.com

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