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31 Aug 2013

Blacktop Gypsy plays at Luckenbach Texas, near Fredericksburg

(map) “Everybody’s somebody in Luckenbach.” That’s the kind of laid-back, we’re-all-in-this-together sentiment that makes it so easy to have a good time in this small town. There’s live music every day, from one or two guitar-players/singers, to big shows, events, even dances in the old-timey dance hall. Add in plenty of cold beer, burgers and bratwurst, and you’ve got a recipe for fun.

The front of the old post office in Luckenbach, texas

The old post office/general store sits under 500-year-old oak trees. Inside, it’s crammed with hundred of souvenirs: hats, t-shirts, CDs, stickers, signs, mugs, koozies – you name it, and they’ve put “Luckenbach Texas” on it.

The inside bar in the old post office in Luckenbach, Texas

There are several bars, inside and out, so you’re never far from a cold brew. The beer assortment is surprisingly varied and reasonably priced, considering they have a captive audience. Maybe to encourage sing-alongs?

One of the outdoor bars in Luckenbach, Texas

The food stand in Luckenbach, Texas

The Feed Lot is open Thursday through Sunday, and offers burgers, bratwurst, pulled pork, barbecue, frito pie  and some other snacks to tide you over. Below, the crowd watches Blacktop Gypsy play. Even in warm weather, the huge trees shade the area, and there’s a nice breeze coming from the creek.

The crowd watching  Blacktop Gypsy play in Luckenbach, Texas

The security force out in Luckenbach, Texas

An elite security force is on hand to keep things under control.

A man with a parrot on his shoulder in Luckenbach, Texas

Polly want a Cheeto?

Luckenbach Texas website

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