How Do You Roll?

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17 Apr 2013

(map) This “custom sushi shop” is a fun, affordable way to channel your inner itamae (Japanese for sushi chef). It’s even more affordable when you become a High Roller by joining their frequent roller program. Ordering here is easy – you start at
the beginning, picking your wrap and rice, then choose which veggies you’d like to add.

From there, you get a choice of meats, everything from beef, chicken and shrimp to salmon and ceviche. The chef rolls it up tightly, then slices it and asks what specialty toppings you’d like. The roll above is salmon, asparagus and cucumber rolled in seaweed and brown rice, then topped with sesame seeds and wasabi mayo. There are dozens of combinations.

At the register, you can add soup, salads or edamame, and select your beverage. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the Japanese sodas!

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