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4 Nov 2011

(map) Over a year in the making, Texas Hill Country Olive has just opened their fancy new tasting room near Drippin’. The Tuscan-style structure is right next to their olive orchard, where they’ve been producing Texas-grown olives for a couple of years. Things promise to get even fancier from here, as they add a big outdoor kitchen, more seating areas, and more artwork.

In the entrance, you’re met by the tasting bar, stocked with fresh, organic olive oils, balsamic vinegars and award-winning Texas wines.

The bar is lined with their various hand-pressed, extra-virgin olive oils and flavored vinegars, all ready to taste with chunks of fresh-baked bread. Aged balsamic vinegar flavors range from traditional to exotic – wild cherry, mandarin, fig and more.

Every day, there’s a different assortment of some of the best Texas wines to try by the glass. Or pick up a bottle and take it outside to sit and admire the olive orchard.

There are lots of things to catch your eye on the shelves: cooking accessories, art, and these fragrant soaps and lotions made with olive oil for natural creaminess. Below, the initial stages of their big kitchen for demo’s: since this was taken, they’ve added a large cooktop, custom hood and cozy tables and chairs.

Texas Hill Country Olive Company website

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