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23 May 2013

(map) They’re back! After a year off, one of the west’s favorite shaved-ice makers just reopened yesterday. The place is a serious kid magnet. School had just let out, and kids big and small were running to get in line for their favorites.  There are 40 sweet flavors on tap (including the ever-popular Tiger’s Blood), or they can create a cool combo for you.

Travis and his friend Donnie were first to arrive, and hammed it up with their ices. Travis is holding a new innovation for this summer: the “snow stopper.” It’s designed to catch the inevitable slush slide parents love to see happen in the car. It’s $1 extra but reusable.

When school lets out, the line of cars waiting for the drive-through stretches out to 620 and down the side of the highway.

You could also park and stand in line at the window . . .

. . . then take your frosty treats over to the tables under the oaks.

If you park on the side, you walk in through this gate. Apparently, they really want you to know they’re closed on Tuesdays.

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September 2nd, 2013 at 7:31 pm

Just discovered that Gary and Mary have sold this place as of a couple of months ago. 🙁 So sad as they made the place so much more enjoyable. It appears it is still being run the same way with all the same products, at least so far.

They built the place from the ground up. Hope they got a good price and can now fully enjoy retirement!

Ed. reply: Thanks for the info! We agree and hope it stays the same!

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