Grape Stomp at Becker Vineyards

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30 Aug 2010

Last weekend, Becker held its annual Grape Stomp, and they’re doing it again this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday (map and web links at the end of this post). It’s a fun thing for all ages: Little kids and big kids alike step into half-barrels filled with grapes and start squishing. When you’re done, you step out onto a brand-new t-shirt and leave your mark. Grape-stomping is free, t-shirts to mark the occasion are $15 and come in all sizes. This year is a record harvest for a lot of Texas wineries, so it’s a good opportunity to put your best foot forward!

Drinking wine while stomping grapes: it's like the circle of life. Or something.

Once you've stepped on your shirt, it's hung up to dry, which doesn't take long.

The thrill of de feet! The grapes are about ankle-deep, with lots of seeds to keep you on your toes.

There's lots of shade for picnicking around the grounds, or choose a table on the veranda, where there's live music.

The bar outside sells a variety of their wines by the glass, or you can buy a bottle inside to bring out.

No picnic? Fired Up Kitchen sells wood-oven-baked pizzas.

Vendor booths offer toys and on-the-spot portraits.

Becker Vineyards website

Map to Becker Vineyards

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