Fresh Kolaches at Ilsa’s

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14 Jul 2011

UPDATE: closed (map) Spicewood’s favorite German restaurant just opened a new bakery inside, next to the dance floor. In addition to cookies, they’re baking up fresh kolaches on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are fillings like cream cheese and peaches, as well as some fantastic stuffings of different wursts. On the left, the Pepperwurst Swiss, a peppery bratwurst surrounded by melted swiss cheese. Right, the Jalapeno Knockwurst Cheddar, featuring a spicy, cheese-stuffed knockwurst. The housemade dough is fragrant and slightly sweet, making it a nice foil for the savory fillings.

The new bakery is nestled in a corner of the restaurant. Below, a platter of sweet treats.

Ilsa’s Kitchen website

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