Fresh Christmas Trees

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1 Dec 2011

(map) Any ideas why this sign says “To Go?” As in, unlike all those other Christmas tree places where you bring your lights and ornaments and celebrate right there on the premises? Hmm. Anyway, out West there are lots of tree lots. But what’s good about this one is:  It specializes in Fraser firs and they’re all waiting in buckets of water so the needles won’t drop off the first week you get it home.

Friendly employees are ready to help you. To be fair, this WAS taken after lunch.

The tent is filled with all sizes of fir trees, all standing in buckets of water.

Signs list the advantages of a Fraser fir. One they missed: lots of room for ornaments!

They sell lots of yard art, too, and say these longhorns are still popular despite this season’s record.

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December 3rd, 2010 at 9:12 pm

my favorite post yet!!


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