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22 Jun 2013

(map) We are lucky enough to have several wineries right in our area. In addition to making good wine, they make beautiful weekend destinations. A scenic, winding road north of Lake Travis takes you to Flat Creek, with its distinctive stone-arched buildings and rows of tall vines stretching as far as you can see. Once you’re here, you can enjoy live music, tour the wine-making facility, eat at the swanky Bistro restaurant, savor a few glasses of wine — or maybe all of the above!

We opted for the Diva Tasting, which buys you small tastes of seven different wines and a keepsake glass etched with the winery’s name.

At first glance, the entrance to the tasting room doesn’t look all that big.

But once inside the tasting room, you see it’s huge. There are lots of wine-barrel tables, and a side area where you can buy gourmet foods and wine accessories.

Flat Creek makes an acclaimed sangiovese called “The Supertexan.” Fortunately, Italian grapes like our Texas heat.

There’s a covered outdoor pavilion where they hold events. You can take your glass (or bottle) of wine and drink it out here.

The “Jammin’ in the Vineyard” music series features live music every Sunday afternoon from 1-4 pm. Here, Byrd & Street play.

Flat Creek website

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July 5th, 2010 at 11:15 am

I am such a fan of Flat Creek Estate winery! It is Rebeccammended most definitely for the Super Texan, which I just realized I can purchase at Whole Foods and World Market! Thanks for highlighting one of my favorites!



June 22nd, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Thanks for the write-up about FCE. My boyfriend is the chef there, Sean Fulford. Come out and try his delicious food! You can see some of the pictures posted on my website sharpersshorts.com or my instagram instagram.com/sharpersshorts. Buen provecho!

Ed. Reply: Congrats! It looks amazing.

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