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29 Jun 2010

As I walked in, they were playing Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “When the House is Rockin’.” That seems appropriate, because if this new burger is any indication, the whole line of Exotic Burgers will be rockin’. The Buffalo Burger is just the first of a herd of new Exotics Fudds is rolling out over the next month. As with all the burgers here, you order at the counter, then pick up your burger and customize it just the way you like it. It’s served on a soft, toasted wheat bun, and once you get all your toppings piled on, it’s almost too big to eat. Almost. The Buffalo Burger is a meaty 1/3 lb, leaner than beef and therefore better for you.  It tasted tender, juicy and delicious. Can’t wait to try the rest of the herd!

Coming soon: Ostrich, Elk and even Wild Boar!

The Toppings Bazaar has everything a burger could need: Three kinds of mustard, BBQ sauce, mayo, and lots of different steak and hot sauces.

From sauces, it's on to produce. Dress your burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, even pico de gallo.

There are three big dining rooms, some with TVs and video games.

Fudds bakes their own buns and cookies fresh every day.

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