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29 Aug 2011

UPDATE: closed (map) El Señor has been open just a month, but is making a name for itself with a creative take on interior-Mexican cuisine. Above, the cochinita pibil, pork marinated in red achiote and spices for a rich, complex flavor, then slow-cooked till tender. It’s served on a banana leaf, with baked plantains and tangy pickled onions on the side. The fresh tortillas and salsa are made in-house.

Mexican Ceviche Pacifico is a bright mix of fresh tuna marinated in lime, then tossed with spicy serranos, chopped tomatoes, onion and mango. The cubes of mango add a refreshingly fruity note to this tropical dish.

Even though it’s been crazy-hot lately, the outdoor patio is shaded, so it’s not too bad out here. The fountains and flowers add some appeal. It’ll be even more appealing when the temperature drops 20 degrees or so.

Festive music plays throughout the large, colorful dining room, detailed with lots of painted, trompe-l’oeil effects on the walls. The room’s centerpiece is a striking tile “mural,” with tile lining a curved wall and pottery bas-reliefs set into painted niches.

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