Eco Cafe at Bodhi Yoga

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1 Feb 2010

(UPDATE: closed) I don’t know about you, but Mondays for me are the time to get back on track after the debauchery indulgence of the weekend. Calm, zen Eco Café is a tasty way to eat a little healthier without feeling like you’re doing penance. The havarti-apple quesadilla is a nice juxtaposition of warm melted cheese and cool crisp apple, served with freshly made salsa. From their juice and smoothie bar, I opted for the Veggie Mary: a spicy-but-not-blistering blend of celery, cucumber, carrot, tomato, garlic and JALAPENO. Yum, I mean om.

Havarti-apple quesadilla

For more pics of Eco Cafe:

Veggie Mary

Hot dads hang out here.

12801 Shops Parkway

Bodhi Eco Café on Urbanspoon

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