Brunch at Steiner Steakhouse

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27 Oct 2013

(map) With the fabulous fall weather we’ve been enjoying lately, it’s the perfect time of year to take in the amazing view from the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse. We’ve posted previously about their excellent happy hour deals here, but brunch is always a more relaxing, laid-back part of the day. Sip a Bloody Mary, bask in the sunshine and chill out till it’s time to go watch football.

The Old-Fashioned Breakfast is eggs cooked however you like ’em, with pancakes and either sausage or bacon. The bacon is sliced thick for extra flavor, and the pancakes’ texture is perfect – soft and light inside, slightly crispy outside.

Mrs. B’s Trio Frittata was kind of like a quiche, loaded with ham, bacon, tasso (a Louisiana-style ham), fresh peppers and cheddar cheese. Lots of ingredients added up to lots of flavor. It was served with fresh house-made salsa and a big, fluffy biscuit with butter and strawberry jam.

There’s live music inside. Musicians sometimes play outside, on this stage overlooking Lake Travis, although not this day.

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