Blackberries at Sweet Berry Farm

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20 May 2015

(map) They’re baaack! We’ve posted before about picking strawberries here, but at the farm next week, the time is ripe for big, juicy blackberries. At the beginning of the season, you hardly have to look to find plenty for cobbler.

Pick up your baskets at the welcome booth, and they’ll weigh it when your done. Blackberries are $3.25 a pound, a deal compared to the grocery store – and a lot more fun, too!

There are rows and rows of vines, so it never feels crowded. Since most of the vines have thorns, they’ll loan you a big glove to protect your hand. Kids love the place.

There’s a “Texas Maze,” carved from eight acres of tall sorghum. If you find your way out, you get a free drink. They say a lot of over-confident kids get lost and end up using their cell phones to call their parents to come find them.

Tiny new potatoes are in season right now, too, and are fun to dig up.

Sweet Berry Farm website

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