Best Places to Watch the Super Bowl, part 2

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3 Feb 2010

Other than my house, there are a lot of good choices out here for viewing the big game. I think Zingers has the most TVs per square foot of anybody – 14 plus two giant ones, plus two more outside on the dog-friendly patio. Super Bowl Sunday, they’ll have $2 mimosas, Ziegenbocks and Millers. They’ve got great queso, burgers and salads, plus of course, wings. The menu lays it straight-out about the wings, calling their hottest sauce “basically inedible for most.” I can’t publish the sauce’s name or this blog will get taken down, but it’s three letters that fall between WWW and YYY, if you get my drift.

More pics of Zinger’s here:

in the Hill Country Galleria

Zingers Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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