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23 Feb 2013

(map) “Texas Bubbly” sounds like it should be made from grapes. But the creative minds at Argus had another idea. Why not use all Texas-grown apples, press and ferment them into sparkling hard cider? Delicious (not a Texas variety, by the way)! They’ve been bottling cider for a couple of years, but just opened a brand-new tasting room outside of Drippin’. Below, owner Wes and his bubbly wife, Mary.

The tasting room is contemporary yet cozy, decorated creatively to encourage lounging and sipping a glass (or two) of cider. There’s also a selection of wines available. Types of cider vary depending on which apples Wes is able to get from Texas farmers, but all are finished in a dry style, similar to a brut champagne.

The exterior of the new tasting room, with cool sliding barn-style doors. Below, Wes takes us on a tour of the tanks, explaining how cider is made. He’s experimenting with different varieties of apples to see how it affects taste. We got to taste some of the works in progress. Good stuff! Below that, the fruits of his labors, the Lady Goldsmith. Cheers!

Argus Cidery website

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